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TravelingScreens is a small business located near Raleigh NC - but we travel all over the Mid-Atlantic. We started TravelingScreens with a simple idea: Recreate the drive-in movie experience, but with modern digital technology. (No more scratchy, car-window speakers!).

We've grown. Several years and thousands of miles later, TravelingScreens is now a full service, portable, big-screen provider. We never imagined the types of events that are now common for us. Churches and other community groups hire us for movie and/or video game nights. Alumni clubs use us to show the big rivalry games. We can't say which ones since we have all sides as clients. We've been at some of the largest conferences in the area. And we're especially proud to have been at the D-Day memorial in Bedford VA on the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Thousands of veterans from all over the country watched movies and slideshows about that historic day on our screens.

But we still focus on the customer. We know that every venue and every client is unique, and we want to hear your ideas. We'll analyze your ideas and location to help you create a special event.

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